Dacia Peters-Imperato has been riding and competing in the hunter/jumper discipline since the age of 4 and training her first pony at 11. She interned and trained with several very successful professionals in the hunter/jumper, dressage, AQHA all around, eventing,  breeding and veterinary worlds.  Dacia graduated from a private liberal Arts college with an emphasis on Equestrian business and she has developed a great network of current professionals around the world in all equine and business industries.  Dacia has earned her bronze medal lifetime achievement award  in dressage with her special horse For Play and is planning on continuing to pursue her Silver and gold medal as well.  Dacia is known for her metaphors and communication skills helping riders understand their horses and learning upper level skills and solidifying a solid foundation for them to build goals on.  She focuses on bio mechanics and how to physically become a better rider instead of just looking good.  Something you may not know about Dacia is that she co-owned a gift shop with her grandmother and named it Stepping Stones in order to save money for the facility her and her husband currently own.  Another fact is that she grew up surfing because of her family's interest and use to pretend that she was jumping her pony when she would sit out in the water too scared to take a wave in.  


​​Welcome to our home.  We would love to book an appointment to give you a tour.

        We are an Urban horse farm located with freeway access 1.5 miles away and 1 hour away from most of Blenheim Equisports "A" rated shows.  We are host to events such as sporthorse inspections, clinics, and birthday parties and Boyscout and Girlscout badge programs. Please inquire to book your event.  

       We have a double breezeway barn and Mare motel located to capture the ocean breeze.  We have direct trail access to hundreds of miles into Temecula's famous wine country or around our Los Ranchitos community.  

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            Stepping Stone Farms uses an optimistic and positive approach to helping each horse and rider become confident in their innate talents and improve in their equine sport by learning/practicing skills and drills necessary for their success. We recognize that each horse and rider is an individual and focus on the specialized development of each student. 

            In the Stepping Stone program we strive to develop strength, courage, focus, and accuracy. As well as we foster a sense of understanding and compassion for others by working closely as a team. Stepping Stone Farms is proud to be known for well placed academics, unique resources (such as LuLu the Mechanical Horse) and teaching students leadership skills and practical life lessons about responsibility and how to go after your dreams. 

           Keeping an eye on moral, intellectual, social, emotional and physical development is extremely important while providing world-class training and ensuring safety and soundness of our students, human and equine alike. We are proud of our team of winning riders on top horses riding and showing together with camaraderie, passion, and most of all friendship with not only each other but with their horses.

          The Stepping Stone Farms’ riding program empowers horse and rider to be successful. Stepping Stone Farms makes learning challenging, fun and rewarding! We build riders for top horses and prepare horses for top riders. Showing regularly in Hunter, Jumper, Equitation and Dressage disciplines, we will customize programs for you and your horse according to need.

We offer a full service program and a multiple horse discount 


BoardWe only offer board in conjunction with a lesson/training program

              Box Stalls are rubber matted, bedded and include water buckets,  corner feeder,  fans, private tack trunks, 24-hour camera surveillance (currently being installed misting temperature control and organic fly spray system) 

Services included in price are cleaning and feeding premium grass hay (Orchard, Timothy, Teff, never bermuda) 2x a day, daily turnout 

                Mare Motel is partially matted, covered and has partial private walls for feeding            area, automatic waterers (currently being installed misting temperature control and organic fly spray system) they are set at the end of the arena for daily entertainment for the residents and also comes with an ocean breeze on most days.

Services included in price are cleaning and feeding premium grass hay (Orchard, Timothy, Teff, never bermuda) 2x a day 

Other Services for additional cost: grain and feeding supplements, turnouts  for Mare motel horses, extra feed, bedding in mare motel 

Training ~ We offer full and partial training, clinics, lessons, leases, haul in sessions 

                Full Training   is based on 20 sessions a month typically Tuesday-Saturday and is a   mixture of professional rides or lessons being in full training also allows for special discounts on show fees and farrier services  

                Partial Training is based on 12 sessions a month typically 3 times a week and is a     mixture of professional rides or lessons. additional lessons may be purchased for a discounted rate 

Grooming ~ We offer full and partial grooming and per day grooming                                         

​                 Full grooming includes tacking untacking, cleaning tack, keeping up on manes, tails  and general show clipping (not body clipping) bathes, wrapping, blanketing, lunging, and general horse laundry (not blanket laundry) and supplies shampoos, sprays,brushes etc...           

               Partial grooming includes tacking and untacking,  lunging, bridle cleaning with         owner's supplies and hosing off if sweaty 

 Other services  (FP)Full program discount        

 Body clipping  = $150  (FP)$125

 Game ready = $80 per session(FP)$40

 Per day groom = $20 per day with owners supplies

 other services by request and prices based on the detail of the job 


Day fees ​includes coaching/pro rides = $75

Groom payable directly to person grooming typically $75 per day per horse 

Hauling from our barn  

$2.25 per mile 

Please contact for consignment program details

Lessons   we do offer lessons for people with (haul in) and without their own horse. There are safe show quality horses available that are client and Stepping Stones owned that you can pay a day or monthly rate for use in your lesson.

Lessons are $65 per lesson with discounts available in packages. (use of horse is not included in the lesson cost)

packages to be used withing the same month purchased and on a weekly basis

4 for  $240

6 for $330

8 for $440

must be paid up front to qualify for package discount

Very beginner children based on size may ride our famous Tiffy pony without a lease fee for their lessons. Tiffy lessons are limited to 30 minutes in the saddle. Lessons in a lease or on your own horse are typically 45 min to 60 minutes depending on the skill or exercise we have prepared for the day and the time it takes to master the skill or "end on a good note" as progress to mastering certain skillsets.  Lessons are typically private one on one and max 3 per lesson when at horse show level.  When there are 3 students in one session there are typically 2 instructors and lessons are on the 90 min side.  There are also partial leasing 1/3, 1/2 and full leasing.  If you don't have your own horse and don't qualify to ride Tiffy leases start at $25 for a day lease or $200 a month not including  lessons.  Prices are determined by owner discretion. Please check our sales and lease page to see who is available and please call because the site may not be updated.    

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Together Mario and Dacia have over 75 years of experience with horses. They merged operations in 2007 and have built Dacia's East Coast business Stepping Stones to what it is today.  A progressive conservative positive competitive integris family owned and operated business.... 

Mario Imperato wears many hats in our family.  Not only is Mario a top farrier, he is an excellent rider, competitor, coach, course designer, entrepreneur , husband and dad. Mario is mostly known for his work with young horses and his ability to longline and build a horse's confidence on the ground and on their back.  What a lot of people don't know is that along side his mother Diana Muravez, he built multiple international grand prix dressage horses and trains and shows at FEI level.  Something else people may not know is that he started off riding roping horses and transitioned into riding and training race horses before he began with sporthorses.  Type your paragraph here.